Student Research Awards 2021


Write an article of max. 400 words that covers an interesting aspect of your thesis work. Think of it as a possible article for the Bio-Ingenieus or ConnectIng (magazines that are distributed to all alumni Bioscience Engineering and Engineering Technology).

Submit this article together with your thesis in pdf format to Articles can contain one image and are accepted in Dutch as well as English. Deadline: June 10th, 2021 23h59.

For whom?

As an alumni organisation we try to put bright research in the spotlights. This is an opportunity to communicate your research to a broad audience, which is appreciated and valued by many organisations. Besides, isn’t it nice to say you had the best master thesis of that year? That’s some CV building…

But my thesis is confidential?

Often, specific results or conclusions are under embargo for at least a couple of years. In your article, you don’t have to reveal all the good stuff, just make sure you check with your promotor if whatever you submit is ok. Mention in your email that you thesis is confidential so we can take that into account. Trying to explain why certain research is necessary and what might come out of it, is already a challenge to describe in 400 words. Don’t annoy us with boring confidential details!

More information

Regulations and our confidentiality protocol can be downloaded here. Other questions can be adressed to All communication is in English to provide equal opportunities to all students, but you can of course email us in Dutch as well.